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Hot topics

What are the issues that have ARC members' tongues wagging?

bulletThe treaty referendum
It looks like the hot issue for the next year is going to be the proposed provincial referendum on treaties. Whether it results in any changes to the current process or not (or whether it even comes about at all) it's sure to provide a springboard for debating a wide-range of Native-related issues in BC.   
bulletTseycum Burial Grounds Paved for Airport
Here's another story about the Feds taking land from Indians and them "promising" to give it back when they're done.
bulletWestbank Starts Logging in Traditional Territories
Recently, the Westbank First Nation made a unilateral decision to begin logging in their traditional territories. This letter of support, written to Chief Derrickson, outlines why VARC supports their action. For additional information, refer to the Westbank background article.
bulletThe Delgamuukw decision
This historic decision clarifies the definition of aboriginal title, states that First Nations have mineral rights to their lands, and requires compensation for infringements on aboriginal title. The potential implications of this decision on BC could be profound.
bulletThe Friends of the Lubicon court case
The Supreme Court has thrown Daishowa's case against the Friends of the Lubicon out of court. The group can now continue with the boycott without a multi-million dollar lawsuit hanging over their heads - the court's only stipulation being that they not use the term "genocide" in their campaign literature.
bulletGustafsen Lake and Ipperwash
Why is our government so willing to use armed force against Native protesters? At Ipperwash, an unarmed group of Natives protesters were attacked in a paramilitary raid by the Ontario Provincial Police. One protester, Dudley George, was shot dead, and several others were injured. Gustafsen Lake saw the largest military operation in Canadian history directed at a small group of protesters. This page lists articles from various sources that examine these events.