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Friends of the Lubicon

The Friends of the Lubicon (who are members of ARC) recently received a favourable decision in the court case brought against them by Daishowa, a Japanese pulp and paper company who are logging off the Lubicon band's traditional territory. The judge ruled that a consumer boycott was a legitimate expression of free speech. The decision is a triumph for those who support civil rights. It is also a great relief to the people involved who were being sued for millions of dollars in compensation.

The case is by no means settled. The Lubicon Cree live in abject poverty in an area from which natural resources are removed to enrich multi-national companies. The government has consistently refused to settle their land claim. Please pressure the politicians by writing and asking for a speedy settlement to your local MP and also to:

Jane Stewart. Minister
Department of Indian Affairs
House of Parliament, Ottawa, K1A OH4