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Aboriginal Rights Coalition of BC

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A coalition of aboriginal organizations, the major churches of Canada, and local community groups.

ARC (BC) has a vision of a Canadian society in which First Nations are free to exercise the legal and political powers necessary to take control over their own lives, territories, and resources.

We believe that these issues represent matters of fundamental justice and human rights for aboriginal and non-aboriginal people alike. We seek to achieve this vision through peaceful change, working to build understanding and reconciliation between native and non-native communities, and supporting fair and equitable treaties.

This web site provides a broad range of information on ARC and aboriginal issues and events, including:
bulletA political history of BC First Nations
bulletBackground information on the BC treaty process
bulletDetailed reports, meeting minutes, and upcoming events relating to the the South Island Regional Advisory Committee (SIRAC)
bulletUpcoming meetings and events sponsored by ARC
bulletDiscussions on current topics of interest
bulletFrequently asked questions regarding BC First Nations
bullet... and much more!

For recent updates, refer to the hot topics page.

This web page is maintained by ARC volunteers, and it is our intention to maintain it on a regular basis to provide our members and others with the most current information on events and campaigns.

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions! You can contact us at

(250) 386-8272
1611 Quadra St.
Victoria, BC
V8W 2L5

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