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Land and Culture
Early Days
Sir James Douglas
Land Question
Early Native Protests
Unlawful to Protest
1969 White Paper
Calder Case
Coolican Report
Gitskan - Wet'suwet'en
Works Cited


All has not stood still while the courts decide, negotiations drag on and constitutional debate rages. Administratively, native groups are taking control of education, social services, and health. The Sechelt Indian Band has negotiated a form of self-government. Natives defend their territory through road blocks, mount information campaigns and continue to pressure both provincial and federal governments. In 1990, the provincial government and federal government reversed its long-standing position regarding land claims and now the British Columbia Government sits at the table with the federal government negotiating the Nisga'a land claim. The nineties will undoubtedly see even more significant decisions and events involving First Peoples (Cassidy).