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ARC to intervene in Gordon Campbell's Anti-Nisga'a Litigation

Mr. Gordon Campbell
Leader of the Liberal Opposition
Legislative Assembly
Victoria, B.C.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to convey our profound disappointment in the manner in which you have conducted your anti-Nisga'a pro-referendum campaign.

You rely on negative innuendo, misleading slogans and coded language. You have not once made a gesture of reconciliation with the Nisga'a. To make matters worse, you chose not to attend the historic events in the Nass Valley on August 4, 1998.

We have differed with the NDP on a variety of issues, but we support their refusal to hold a provincial referendum. On this issue, the NDP has got it right.

We strongly encourage you to exercise responsible leadership. Please understand that your words, even as an opposition leader, can have a lasting effect on the already highly strained relations between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities.

You recently announced your intention to ask the courts to review the government decision not to hold a referendum. If you proceed, we will apply to the court for intervenor status. Accordingly, please serve us with any documents you file in court to commence the process.

As we stated in our letter to you dated July 17, 1998, the Nisga'a Agreement deserves public debate, and we look forward to constructive commentary by the Liberal Party in the period leading to the free vote in the Legislative Assembly.


Waldemar Braul