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This document is a copy of Project North's What Have You Heard? Where a series of related questions follow a statement beginning "I've heard that.."

What Have You Heard?

Prepared by Project North (B.C.), 1991, Victoria, B.C. Thanks to Mavis Giilie for all her work.

Today the Aboriginal people and other Canadians stand on opposite shores of a wide river of mistrust and misunderstanding. Each continues to search through the mist for a clear reflection in the waters along the opposite shore. If we are truly to resolve the issues that separate us, that tear at the heart of this great country, Canada, and this great province of British Columbia, then we must each retrace our steps through our history to the source of our misperception and misconception of each other's truth. The challenge is to define, clearly, new visions and pragmatic mechanisms that will allow our cultural realities to survive and co-exist. We must seek out those narrow spots near the river's source where our hands may be joined as equal and honourable partners in a new beginning.

Rod Robinson, Nisga'a