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Snuneymuxw Offer
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Snuneymuxw Offer
Spring 1998
Fall 1998

Snuneymuxw Treaty Negotiations Scoresheet

From a press release issued by the Snuneymuxw First Nation in response to the treaty offer made by the Federal and Provincial governments.


Snuneymuxw offer

Government "offer"


18,750 hectares = 46,300 acres, or 9% of traditional territory.

1862 hectares = 4500 acres or 0.9% of traditional territory

Certainty and Predictability

No extinguishment. Commitment to clearly set out rights, responsibilities, and jurisdiction.

Extinguishment via the Nisgaa model.

Environmental Protection

Governments will live up to Snuneymuxw standards or Snuneymuxw will have sufficient jurisdiction to protect environment and habitat throughout territory.

Government will retain jurisdiction and First Nation has no recourse for mismanagement.

Financial Transfer

Compensation for lands and resources wrongfully taken in the past.

An independent study to determine how much money is required to bring Snuneymuxw health, education, and training standards up to national standards

No compensation.

$40.3 million


Snuneymuxw will retain current rights but will agree to harvest subject to conservation.

Confirmation of right to sell fish.

Maximum of 10,000 sockeye, 4,300 chum per year.

Right to barter or trade fish.


Snuneymuxw will have rights to 150,000 m3 of AAC to be harvested according to cultural and environmental sustainability standards.

Nothing but the few trees remaining on the treaty settlement land.


Within the Canadian Constitution.

Within the Canadian Constitution.


Sufficient funding to bring health, education, and training up to national standards.

No commitment on funding to raise standards.

Heritage and Culture

Within the Canadian Constitution. jurisdiction to prevent desecration of burial sites and sacred sites. Incentives for private land-owners to protect Snuneymuxw burial and sacred sites.

Continuation of the ineffective BC Heritage Conservation Act which allows burial and sacred sites to be dug up with a permit.


Funding to recover, preserve, and pass on to future generations the Snuneymuxw language which was beaten out of First Nation members in government residential schools.

Nothing in treaty offer.

Resource Royalty Sharing

Share of resource royalties, taxes, and stumpage outside treaty settlement lands.



Ownership of shellfish beds but First Nation will allow some public access.

Provincial shellfish tenures which can be revoked by the Province. Depuration harvest license.


Snuneymuxw has already contributed billions of dollars worth of lands and resources to the economy and will retain its tax exemption.

Snuneymuxw will be forced to give up Reserve-type protections against provincial jurisdictions.


Treaty Settlement Lands will retain Reserve-type protections again provincial jurisdiction.

Snuneymuxw will have the option of registering its lands in the provincial land title registry.

Snuneymuxw will be forced to give up Reserve-type protections against provincial jurisdiction.


Rights to a portion of the water in the Nanaimo River subject to salmon spawning needs.

Will attempt to negotiate an agreement with Greater Nanaimo Water District so First Nation can buy water.


Snuneymuxw will retain current rights but will agree to harvest subject to conservation.

Snuneymuxw is willing to share harvest data and co-manage.

Only 50% of available elk to a maximum of 10 per year.

BC will retain full management authority.