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Spring 1998
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Snuneymuxw Offer
Spring 1998
Fall 1998

Spring 1998 report

by Isabel Heaman
Human Justice and Community Sector, SIRAC

A meeting was held in Nanaimo on March 12, 1998. Lyle Viereck has replaced Christina Scattolin as the chief provincial negotiator. The report on negotiations at the three tables was as follows:

Temexw: Negotiations on the Agreement-in-Principle are proceeding.
bulletLand selection: Detailed maps have been produced to facilitate the identification and selection of land. It is expected that DND land in Esquimalt harbour will soon be removed from military control and therefore available for negotiation. Concerns have been raised about the status of the upcoming transfer of land to the Victoria Harbour Commission. South Chelsea Island may be put up for sale.
bulletFisheries: The Department of Fisheries expects to include modified aspects of the Aboriginal Fishing Strategy in any agreement with the Temexw. Better consultation has been urged. Trilateral discussions are taking place on agenda issues.

Hulqu'minum: The framework agreement has been signed, preparatory to starting on the AIP. Land selection will be the first priority but no negotiations have started.

Nanaimo: Negotiations are proceeding vigorously, with issues of forestry and fisheries on the table. There are difficulties surrounding the Duke Point development. A memorandum of understanding has been signed to make available land now occupied by the military camp, with a three-year window to decide the issue. No claims have been made on the Nanoose Bay naval base. Public input is welcomed. No progress is reported on the rifle range.